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An incident involving a transgender woman getting pushed onto the subway tracks in New York City has now been labeled a hate crime.

The incident occurred Monday morning at the platform of a No. 6 train heading towards Brooklyn at Bleecker Street. David Hollister, 28, who identifies as a woman, was waiting for the train when a man approached her and asked “What are you looking at?,” before grabbing a bottle from a trash can.

After throwing the bottle at Hollister, the suspect pushed her onto the tracks, just six minutes before the train was supposed to arrive. Hollister was lifted up by police officers who happened to be on the scene.

The suspect fled and has yet to be identified.

Hollister, who recovered with minor injuries, was described by neighbors as a shy, nice person. According to the New York Post:

David McMillan, 66, who has known Hollister for years and lives in the same building, said Hollister “minds [her] own business . . . and only talks to people [she] knows. The whole neighborhood knows” and likes Hollister.

The NYPD Hate Crimes Task Force has launched an investigation into the attack, while the MTA is currently testing out a new system that can detect when large objects, such as people, are on the tracks.

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