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This weekend, Power returned to Starz, and it picked up right where it left off. On the Monday Power Play, we will break down the show’s top 5 moments and give you our theory on what’s going to happen next in the story line. We’ll also give you exclusive insider information from cast members and from our inside connections.

If you’re a fan of Power you’re going to love this, if you aren’t caught up, be careful of spoilers.

Tommy Breaking Into Angela’s Crib and Finding Ghost’s Bags/Tommy Confronts Ghost

This season kicks off right where last left off and when Tommy finds those bags, he flips. He goes on the run, trying to figure out his next step and is not sure who he can trust. Eventually, Ghost finds Tommy and that’s when it goes down. Tommy puts the gun on Ghost for thinking he was trying to out him as the kingpin so he can escape with his girlfriend – who works for law enforcement – only to find out he has no clue.


Both Ghost and Tommy used the L word with their women. Ghost told Angela he loved her when he canceled their trip to Miami, and Tommy when he left Holly a message while he was on the run. Love confuses people, and clouds their judgment…

Tasha Knows 

Tasha knows about Angela and that can become problematic for Ghost, considering he needs her to help out with things. So now he has to lie more and more in order to keep both of his relationships. The worst part of that is that he needs to start finding out the truth about a bunch of things while trying to keep up the lie.

Kanan causing chaos

Watching Kanan cruise around causing trouble while being out of jail was one of the best moments this episode. He’s up to something and causing a bunch of mayhem in order to take control of all that power.

So how was work? Rip! Rip!

Ghost knows, Angela doesn’t, but this cliff hanger until next week’s episode left us on the edge of our seats. Will Ghost play it cool, or will he show his cold-blooded side? I think it will hang more on the play it cool side. When I talked to Omari (Hardwick) about Ghost and what he’s dealing with this season he told me that his character and Angela are trying to figure out, “How to love each other in the world that they both have to be involved with, but also not wanting to abort the world so much because they are both so freaking competitive that they both want to win on those worlds.”

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