We’re not all basketball fans. Not all of us can appreciate the beauty of a 3 point shot, or can even explain the difference between a foul shot and a layup. And hey, that’s OK. No judgment. With that said, when it comes to the NBA Finals, there is one thing we can all appreciate – the kids. We know a cute kid when we see one, and some of these all-stars have some pretty impressive lineages.

As of last night, the Cleveland Cavaliers lead the playoffs 2 games to 1. They battle the Golden State Warriors again tomorrow night, but only time will tell who will claim the NBA title. In the meantime, let’s address the more important issue: which team’s got the cuter kids?

The kids of the Cavs are strong in numbers, but Riley Curry gives every kid in the country a run for their money. My vote’s on Golden State, what’s yours?

Check out Steph Curry and his daughter being the most adorable humans on the planet, below.

And click through to see the NBA Finals families in the gallery.


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