And so the plot thickens.

If anyone wondered why Rachel Dolezal’s family chose to out her as white last week, Dolezal suggests it is because of a sex assault charge against Dolezal’s older brother, and a plan by her parents to damage her credibility, according to the New York Daily News.

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Apparently, Rachel had been assisting a victim who had accused her biological (i.e. white) older brother of child molestation in Colorado, and previously suggested the timing of her Montana-based parents’ media interviews about her performative racial identity was connected to the case.

The News reports that Joshua Dolezal, 39, was charged in 2013 with four felony counts of sex abuse of a victim who was a minor at the time. At this time, Joshua remains out on bail, but the Clear Creek County is set to go to trial later this summer, sources confirmed.

Rachel became estranged from her parents Larry Dolezal and Ruthanne Dolezal and cut off contact with them sometime after her 2004 divorce, according to The News. The Dolezal parents had adopted four black children, and Rachel took her adopted brother Izaiah Dolezal to live with her when he was a teen.

She is expected to speak to the Spokane chapter of the NAACP on Monday about what the News terms “the racial ruse that went viral since coming to light on Thursday.”


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