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This week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was all apologies and no sincerity.

Kirk finally decided to act like Rasheeda’s husband and give his “artist” Ashley an ultimatum, Ariane continued to water her budding friendship with her best friend’s arch enemy and Joc’s horrendously bad decision making with the women in his life lands him in the lion’s den.

Let’s get started.

Tony and Kaleena meet with his business partner Kevin to check out the space for their nightclub. Kaleena confronts Kevin with her concerns about his unsuccessful past business ventures but Tony insists that the club is a good risk and a good investment. In the end, Kaleena agrees to let Tony invest their money in the club against her better judgement.

Margeaux invites Ariane to come and meet up with her. Ariane tells Margeaux that her comments at the fashion show were rude but decides to hear Margeaux out anyway. Margeaux again insists that Mimi is lying about her lack of involvement in the leak of the sex tape. She continues to insist that Nikko took the fall for Mimi and says if Mimi doesn’t admit to it, they will expose her. Ariane brings up the audio tapes that Mimi claimed Nikko has of their recorded conversations and also tells Margeaux that Mimi said she didn’t remember exactly what’s on the audio tapes. Margeaux says Mimi doesn’t remember because there are no audio tapes and there is instead a third person who brokered the sex tape release deal and knows “the truth” behind the whole thing. In light of the new information from Margeaux, Ariane begins to wander if Mimi has been lying to her all along.

Joseline Hernandez

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Kaleena meets with Joseline in hopes of getting her to perform at the opening of Tony & Kevin’s nightclub. Joseline vents to Kaleena about her frustrations with Stevie J managing other female artists and the ladies find common ground since Tony also manages Kaleena’s career as Stevie does Joseline’s. Joseline says she’ll need to get Stevie on board in order for her to perform at the nightclub opening because he handles her band & sound.

 Joseline later tells Stevie about Kaleena requesting that they perform together for the club opening and he agrees to do the performance. They kiss and make up after Stevie tells Joseline that he would never stand in the way of her business affairs.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Take Over Hosted By Stevie J & Joseline, Scrappy & Bambi

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Sina and the other four mothers of Joc’s kids, including his estranged wife, meet up for their annual get together. Sina says they have the meeting once a year to “celebrate” their blended families. Despite all of them having intimately dealt wiht Joc at one point and despite the fact that one of the other women was pregnant with Joc’s child at the same time as Sina, the ladies are able to get along without any problems. Their joyous girls night out is brought to a halt when Joc and KD walk in with roses for each of them. KD immediately starts an argument with Sina by greeting her as “HoeSina.” Joc’s wife and the other babymamas retreat to a nearby bathroom with Sina to calm her down as Joc unsuccessfully attempts to get KD under control. When the ladies emerge from the bathroom, Joc’s wife questions KD about why she would choose to be involved with a man who’s married with 8 children by 4 different women and then be upset that there is drama in their relationship. When she reminds KD that Joc is legally still her husband, things go left and Joc asks KD to leave.

A hysterical KD later puts Joc and his belongings out of their apartment by throwing them over the balcony at him.

Kirk finally checks Ashley about being disrespectful to Rasheeda. He tells her that he can’t continue to push her career forward if she doesn’t learn to respect Rasheeda, who is the Vice President of their management company. Ashley insists that Rasheeda is to blame for starting their beef. She says she was upset that Rasheeda’s auction of Kirk’s things cut her promo tour short. Kirk tells Ashley that she’ll either have to learn to stay in her lane or get dropped from the label since Rasheeda is just as much her boss as he is. He suggests that Ashley sit down and talk to Rasheeda to work things out so that they can move forward with her career.

Arianne stops by Mimi’s house to fill her in on the latest meeting with Margeaux. She asks Mimi again if she had anything to do with the leaking of the sex tape and Mimi insists that while she agreed to make a tape with Nikko, she never agreed to leak it to the world. Mimi becomes irritated with Arianne for questioning her again and says she doesn’t owe Arianne any explanations. Mimi kicks Ariane out of her home after Ariane reveals that she’s planning to model in Margeaux’s art show.

Ashley meets with Rasheeda at Kirk’s request. Rasheeda immediately makes it clear that she wouldn’t have come to meet had it not been for Kirk. Ashley apologizes for disrespecting Rasheeda and insists that she wants to keep her job but also suggests to Rasheeda own up to “her part” in their beef. Rasheeda promptly tells Ashley that she doesn’t need to own up to anything because she simply responded to Ashley’s repeated disrespect towards her. She also tells Ashley that she warned Kirk that if there was another disrespectful incident, Ashley would be dropped from the label. Ashley pleads with Rasheeda to give her one more chance to prove herself and invites her to an upcoming performance. Rasheeda says she’ll check her schedule to see if she can make it.


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