This week’s episode of Power was another eventful hour. Here on the Power Play Recap, we give you the top moments from the episode. Beware for SPOILERS and be sure to read down to the bottom for an exclusive image from episode 203.

It’s A Cultural Thing

Ghost makes a deal with the bad guy, Simon Stern. Stern pulled a fast one and bought the building that housed Ghost’s nightclub. He works out a deal to buy back his club – if he can get the club back up and running at 20 percent profit. One of the best lines from the episode is delivered by Stern when Ghost asks, “How come I don’t trust you?” Stern says “I think it’s a cultural thing.”

Who Is Ghost?

Angela gives Ghost a key to her crib, but she’s also getting closer to piecing together the vital question: Who is Ghost and what does he look like? She connects with Isabel, the underage girlfriend of Nomar, her dead CI, and Isabel comes through with an image of Tommy.

Runs In Jersey

With all the extra drugs, the boys have to cut some deals with some interesting characters. In comes the Logos, starring James Hector, aka Marlo from The Wire. This is a small scene, but it’s likely to set up more interesting stories in the future.

Kanan goes to visit Ghost at the crib

Kanan tells Ghost he got out a year early on good behavior, but is eager to get back into the business. “Damn, Y’all living like George and Weezie for real,” he says. During their one-on-one meeting, Kanan talks about the hit on Ghost’s life and drops a few nuggets in order to see where his mind is at. In order to get closer, Kanan offers his services, which Ghost tries his hardest to turn down.

The Backstab!

Stern is trying to pull the wool over Ghost’s eyes and appoints his old worker Kantos as his new boss. Stern has him there to sabotage things so Ghost can never get up to 20 percent profit in order to get his club back. Stern sends Ghost on a Miami trip that is going to give him the perfect opportunity to handle some business…when he gets a pleasant surprise from bae.

As far as Episode 203, the image up above is from next Saturday’s episode and it looks like Kanan is getting closer now that Ghost is out of town.


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