Between losing his wife, dealing with drug addiction, and most recently, facing the death of one of his best friends, Lamar Odom had it pretty rough over the past few years. Now, the people closest to him are scared for his life, as they feel his friend Jamie Sangouthai‘s untimely passing will trigger Lamar’s issue with drugs.

TMZ reports:

Lamar Odom is taking the death of his best friend hard, and we’re told the Kardashian family is worried it could push him back into the dark world of drugs.

We broke the story, Jamie Sangouthai — who appeared on Lamar and Khloe’s reality show — died Sunday of an apparent OD. Jamie was with Lamar when the basketball star went on a crack binge 2 years ago, and it was common knowledge among their friends Jamie was fueling Lamar’s addiction.

Apparently, Khloe is hoping Jamie’s death will serve as a wake up call for her ex-husband, but according to sources, it’s highly unlikely.

Friends of the Kardashians tell TMZ, the family — and especially Khloe — are hoping Lamar views Jamie’s death as a wake up call so he’ll swear off drugs forever. But our sources say the family knows the reality — that Lamar has had trouble kicking his habit in the long term, and they think that Jamie’s death could actually do significant damage to Lamar’s psyche.

Khloe has taken no steps to move her divorce case forward with Lamar … it’s been dormant for more than a year, and the judge has threatened to dismiss the case outright. We’re told they talk from time to time, although it’s unclear if a reconciliation is in the cards.

But Khloe isn’t the only one who has an opinion on the matter, according to reports.

Lamar’s former mistress shed light on why Jamie’s death could be the professional basketball player’s breaking point. Sandy Schultz told RadarOnline:

”I’m scared for Lamar now,” she admitted. “As a friend we’re trying to make sure it’s [Jamie’s death] not giving him a reason to fall into drugs or whatever he gets into… I hope he doesn’t do anything drastic at this point. There’s lots going on.”

Throughout Sangouthai’s struggle with addiction, Odom tried his best to help his friend. “He tried to save Jamie,” Schultz revealed. “Jamie had a lot of demons going on in his life and Lamar was not able to be there for him as much as Jamie would like because he was dealing with his own demons.”

She spoke about the recurrence of death in Lamar’s life:

Schultz also revealed that death has been a recurring theme in Odoms charmed yet tragic life. “One of biggest issues Lamar had was death that surrounded him – his cousin, the accident Lamar and Khloe had — that was one of the concerns he shared with me,” she said. “He’s [Lamar] lost his baby, his cousin that was his bestest friend, he was involved in a car accident that took someone else’s life and now his best friend who everyone know tried to help him is gone.”

The article continues:

But despite his struggles, Schultz maintains that Odom would never intentionally harm himself. “Because of his kids he won’t go to suicide,” she said. Schultz said if something were to Odom, “I think it would be accidental,” adding, “I pray it doesn’t happen.”

We hope Lam Lam is able to keep it together. And side note: we also hope his old side chick has the decency to stop publicly discussing private matters that occurred between Lamar and his wife.


SOURCE: TMZ, RadarOnline | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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