Michael Jackson Performs At Wembley

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Today marks the birthday of legendary pop singer Michael Jackson, and the massive impact his music and life had on the world of popular culture can still be felt today. How many high-energy parties have you been to that blasted Jackson’s music at some point and got that one drunk guy to do the “Smooth Criminal” forward lean? Albums as good as Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad speak for themselves, y’all: his legacy will live on.

Even more endearing than his legacy, however, is the bevy of pricey collectibles and memorabilia that collectors all salivate over. And I’m not just talking about Jeff Koons’ legendary golden statue of Jackson and his pet chimp Bubbles, either. I’m talking about six of the most expensive (and weirdest) Michael Jackson collectibles on the market.

Michael Jackson phonograph 

This working record player has the King of Pop written all over it—  his face is even on the inside. It’s small, but there aren’t very many like it, and they can go for upwards of $450 online.


Signed magazine photo from the American Music Awards 

Mike and Diana Ross’ friendship was immortalized in this shot from the American Music Awards back in 1984— which he himself signed. It recently went for $1,250 at auction, which is more than I’d pay even for a signed photo print.


Moonwalker Arcade Cabinet 

Be honest, how often did you play Moonwalker when it first came out? If you’re old enough to remember when this gem of a game stood in arcades across the country, maybe you wouldn’t mind shelling out $1,000 for a cabinet of your own.


Sequin “Billie Jean” Glove worn during ‘Motown 25’ Performance


The “Billie Jean”music video is a classic of the format, but the live performance was reportedly even better. This diamond-encrusted glove was custom-made for Mike’s performance of “Billie Jean” during the Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever TV special on NBC back in 1983. Over 25 years later, the glove sold at auction for a whopping $450,000.


Worn & Signed “Smooth Criminal” Fedora 

Yet another of Mike’s iconic videos, “Smooth Criminal” also featured the now legendary white suit and matching fedora. The man himself is reported to have signed a few that he wore during the filming of the video, and the going rate for collectors is around $6,000 – $20,000. Just make sure it’s real.


Used & Signed Pillow Case 

Easily the weirdest Jackson collectible out there, this pillow case was used at the hospital where he was treated after suffering severe burns during the filming of a Pepsi commercial back in 1984. Will you let yourself or anyone you know put their face all over this…treasure that sold at auction for $90,000?


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