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A tense confrontation between a Charleston, South Carolina police officer and a group of young black children is currently under investigation after the officer was caught on tape making what sounds like a callous reference to the recent Emmanuel AME church shootings that left 9 Black church members dead at the hands of a racist 21-year-old White man.

In the video footage, a group of rowdy young Black kids are heard hurling insults and profanity at a police officer as he slows down his vehicle while driving through their neighborhood. Towards the end of the encounter, the camera shows the officer recording the incident and calmly yelling out “don’t go to church and get hurt” just before driving away. Take a look at the confrontation in the video below.

According to WCSC News Charleston, several witnesses say that the video was recorded on Monday. No further context has been provided thus far as to what, if anything, may have triggered the kids in the video to act the way that they did or what made the officer slow down his vehicle as they approached it, but his comment was certainly out of line.

A spokesperson for the local police department confirmed that they are currently investigating the officer’s actions.


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