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This week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was all about second chances. Rasheeda gave Ashley a second chance to prove that she’s more than a disrespectful thirst bucket, Stevie is getting a second chance at his career and Jessica Dime is giving all types of second, third and fourth chances to her trial-manager Mimi.  As you may have guessed, though, the results of these second chances look to be disaster-filled.  Here’s a recap of everything that went down on LHHATL season 4, episode 11.

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Jessica Dime pops up on Joseline at the studio to find out why she’s been avoiding her. Jessica tells Joseline that she’s been trying to link up with her to hang out since she’s been in town and is instantly defensive when Joseline attempts to downplay the nature of their friendship. Jessica insists that they were actually good friends in Miami and not just strip club acquaintances as Joseline claims. Despite Jessica’s attempts to jog her memory, Joseline continues to insist that they barely hung out and were nothing more than casual friends who worked at the strip club together once upon a time. Their meet up quickly turns physical and ends in security removing Jessica from the studio after Joseline throws a drink in her face.

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Rasheeda brings Erica along to check out Ashley’s performance as promised. Ashley admits to Kirk that she’s nervous because Rasheeda is in the audience, while Rasheeda criticizes Ashley for lip syncing but says she wasn’t completely disappointed with her talent level.  Ashley comes over to speak to Rasheeda following her performance and her abrasive demeanor rubs Erica the wrong way. When Ashley loudly informs Rasheeda that she and Kirk will be heading out on another promo tour, Rasheeda is taken aback by the fact that Kirk has neglected to tell her the news himself….again. Rasheeda later confronts Kirk about having to find out about he and Ashley’s second promo tour from Ashley. She says she doesn’t trust Kirk’s way of maneuvering with Ashley given his recent track record with other women and demands that he cancel the promo tour in light of the fact that she had to find out about it from Ashely and not him.

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Joseline and Stevie talk about her altercation with Jessica Dime in the studio. Stevie changes the topic and tells Joseline that Diddy has agreed to add him back to the production roster and allow him reclaim his position as “the hitman.” He also tells her that a group of hedgefund investors are interested in funding a movie produced by him that will star he and Joseline.

The two of them later travel to L.A. to meet with the investors and fill out paperwork connected to their upcoming movie. The investors inform Stevie and Joseline that they’ll need to move to L.A once production starts.

Karlie brings Margeaux along to an open mic night where Jessica Dime is performing. Jessica Dime vents to Margeaux about her issues with Mimi’s lack of efficiency as a manager. Jessica then brings the ladies up to speed on her altercation with Joseline in the studio. At Karlie’s request, Jessica also tells Margeaux about her paid sexual encounter with Joseline before hitting the stage for the open mic night showcase. Jessica puts Margeaux on the spot and calls her on stag to perform next. Margeaux sings an original song called “Start A War” and Karlie & Jessica are impressed. Karlie reveals that she has started her own record label expresses interest in singing Jessica Dime and Margeaux as her first artists.

Jessica Dime calls a meeting with Mimi to find out what’s going on with her as a manager. Mimi acknowledges that she’s been slacking off as Jessica Dime’s management and admits that her personal issues with Nikko and Margeaux have ben getting in the way of her management company, but tells Jessica that she;s still been working on things despite her personal problems. Jessica questions Mimi about whether or not Joseline is the reason why she has yet to hear anything about Stevie’s involvement with managing her as Mimi initially told Jessica that her management company was a joint venture with Stevie. When Mimi tells Jessica that Stevie has been hesitant about working her but that she doesn’t know why, Jessica decides to keep her mouth shut about her sexual encounter with Stevie and Joseline. Jessica then briefly tells Mimi about her run in with Joseline at the studio before revealing that Dawn has offered to manage her. Jessica says she’ll gives Mimi one more chance to see what she can get done and Mimi makes a mental note to confront Dawn.

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Mimi later meets with Dawn to tell her to back off of trying to convince Jessica Dime to leave MF Management after the two trade insults during a brief, but heated, exchange.

Kirk takes Ashley out on a second promo tour against Rasheeda’s wishes but Rasheeda surprisingly says she has decided to be the bigger person and trust that Kirk will remain faithful to her while out on the road. Erica, however, has reservations about Kirk continuing to work with Ashley and questions Rasheeda about why she’s so open to giving Ashely a second chance. When Erica questions Kirk’s motives for promoting Ashely and reminds Rasheeda of his recent dealings with other women, Rasheeda begins to think that she might actually have reason to be suspicious of his dealings with Ashley. Erica reminds Rasheeda of her similar problems with Scrappy during their engagement and tells her to be smart about her approach to dealing with Kirk. Rasheeda says if Kirk is cheating on her again, it’ll be grounds for divorce.

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After her discussion with Erica, Rasheeda decides to call Kirk’s hotel room later on that night to make sure there’ s nothing going on between he and Ashely and is livid when Ashley picks up the phone. She then promptly drops her children off at her mother’s house, picks up Erica and heads to Kirk & Ashley’s hotel. Both Rasheeda and Erica arrive at the hotel ready to fight if necessary.


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