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Lil Wayne recently weighed in on the conversation regarding the title of Young Thug’s latest project, Barter 6.

The discussion came about when Wayne called into New Orleans radio station Q93 and spoke with the show’s host Wild Wayne.

At first, Lil Wayne was asked whether or not he had any concerns naming his 2002 album 500 Degreez, which was perceived as diss to Juvenile‘s 1998 album, 400 Degreez.

“I was young,” Wayne says. “I’m from New Orleans. I didn’t have no doubts at all about it. I was ready and the chamber loaded. I ain’t gon’ lie, I was ready.”

Of course, the comparisons then came on to Young Thug naming his project Barter 6, a gesture to Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter series.

“His was different,” Lil Wayne says. “When we did it, we had no problem saying that, ‘Yeah, we don’t need no Juvie. This is 500 Degreez.’ We had no problem saying that.”

Despite the animosity Lil Wayne first showed Young Thug and the Barter 6, Weezy now admits that if the project was named purely out of respect and admiration to himself, then he’d have to be some kind of a monster to not appreciate and be touched by such a sentiment.

“[Young Thug] came out and just straight said that, ‘I’m naming my album such-and-such because of props and because I’m such a fan,’” Lil Wayne adds. “That’s a total different approach. I’d have to be some kind of monster to just overlook that. I’m not that type of person. I’d have to be a monster for me to be like, ‘I don’t believe you.’ So if he says it’s from the heart and he say that he’s some kind of fan, then I love him. Thanks bro. I appreciate everything about it if he’s a fan.”

Lil Wayne’s interview with Q93 can be viewed below:


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