2015 NBA Finals - Game Four

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LeBron James managed to lose four times in the Finals, but that doesn’t make it easier. After ultimately losing to the Warriors, James said in the postgame conference that he wonders if it’d be easier to not make the playoffs at all if it meant avoiding the feeling of falling short.

Since James admitted he still gets nightmares a month after the Finals, you kind of get what he’s saying. The King made the revelation in an interview with Bleacher Report Radio.

“I just don’t feel like you ever move on from losing in the Finals because you feel like you’re right there and feel like you have the opportunity to do something special,” James said. “I can never get away from losing in the Finals.

“I guess there’s nightmares now about situations throughout the games that’s always replaying in my head…It’s definitely difficult, you know I’m getting better every day, but you know it takes quite a while for me to get out of the funk.”

The head troubles comes even though James was well aware how severely handicapped the Cavaliers were against the stacked and Steph Curry-equipped Warriors.

However, James will be fine. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love will be back, and the trio should be more far more functional than they were during the first half of last season. Plus, next season’s potential isn’t the only thing that’s helping James.

“I got these three kids running around this house every day that don’t allow me to not be happy,” he said.


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