Brandy Norwood

Source: Jason LaVeris / Getty

Brandy Norwood, who is still in New York City as part of her Broadway run in Chicago as Roxie Hart, decided to sing on the train. However, unlike Tyrese, she disguised herself by dressing down, wearing glasses, a scarf and a hoodie.

Brandy blended in well, but you could tell she was nervous since she’s obviously not used to riding the train. Surrounded by commuters, she belted out “Home,” a classic theme song from The Wiz…and no one cared. It was quite sad.


When it was all over, she asked what people thought of her song, and almost no one responded, which is, unfortunately, typical of New Yorkers. However, one subway rider gave her advice. He told her that she had to be different and more open in her performance because people singing on the subway was something that happened every day. Meanwhile, Tyrese, who wasn’t disguised, got love from at least one enthusiastic straphanger, who was fresh out of prison.

Here’s the thing, the man who gave Brandy the singing advice was right. From the looks of that crowd, I doubt they would have recognized Brandy even without the disguise, but it was obvious in the way Brandy was singing that she was apprehensive, and she wasn’t emoting like we know she can.

New Yorkers do actually see performers all the time, and we also see people who aren’t performing but rather being obnoxious by singing and/or rapping out loud, so sometimes it’s hard to tell whose doing what. However, the good performers, who make it clear that they’re putting on a show do get some love. Brandy, for her part, was most likely trying to avoid getting beat up, which is justifiable.

Anyway, at least Brandy doesn’t have to do this for a living. We know that she’s talented.



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