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50 Cent‘s bid to stave off the $5 million he legally owes continues today with a new claim: 50 Cent’s wealthy lifestyle is a lie. That’s what he’s claiming to the Supreme Court, according to Page Six.

50 Cent said he’s worth no more than $4.4 million. That’s “only” in comparison to the $155 million he’s worth, according to Forbes. If the court believes this claim, it’d have to restructure the $5 million he owes to Lastonia Leviston for leaking her sex tape online.

But 50 Cent had to discredit the pictures of luxurious living he often posts and flaunts.

On the cars:

“Those cars were rented … It’s like music videos, they say action and you see all these fancy cars but everything goes back to the dealership,”

On the chains:

“I borrowed from the jeweler.”

And why would he put up a front.

“The hip-hop culture is aspirational.”

Basically, 50 Cent was trying to get sympathy from the court. It’s quite a long shot; 50 Cent is normally smart with his money, and this is not a secret.


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