If you haven’t heard of Quentin Miller before, don’t worry. Most of us hadn’t come across the name either. That’s until Meek Mill went on a Twitter rampage, and came for Drake saying the Toronto rapper doesn’t write his own rhymes. Instead, Meek claims that honor would go to Miller.

We can’t say there’s any truth (or untruth) to Meek’s claim, but who is Quentin Miller, anyway? Here’s what you need to know about Drake’s widely unknown associate:

1. He’s an Atlanta rapper who got with Drake’s OVO crew late last year and has six credits on If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, including “Know Yourself” and “Legend.”

2. He’s also in a rap group called WDNG Crshrs, according to RGLT Canada. They released a mixtape in February.


3. He also got one of Drake’s producers, Boi-1da, for a track for his own solo EP, Hey! Thanks a Lot 2.

4. He doesn’t really do social media too much outside of promotion, but that’s not unlike someone who’s down with Drake’s crew.


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