Chris Brown is ready for war on all fronts.

As we previously reported, Breezy’s home was robbed, his aunt was shoved in a closet at gunpoint, and someone close to him stole $50K in cash from a safe at his home in the Valley. Now, Chris is amping up security with armed guards with orders to open fire if necessary. Says TMZ:

Chris has taken advice from professionals in his life — as well as his mother — and agreed to significantly limit the number of people he invites to his home.

Meanwhile, Chris took to social media to give thanks that he wasn’t the butt of the jokes for once. Last night, Twitter beef with Taylor Swift and Nicki sparked off, and then Meek Mill went in on Drake and Safaree.

All jokes aside, after losing $50 grand, it’s time for Chris to make some money back – but he’s already stumbled coming out the box. The “Post To Be” singer just wrapped a show in the Philippines on Tuesday, but when he tried to head to Hong Kong the next morning, he was blocked from leaving the country.

According to TMZ:

The issue at hand … Brown was allegedly supposed to play a show last New Year’s Eve, but never showed. The promoters of that gig were granted an order to bar Brown from leaving the country in order to get him to pay back money they say they are owed.

Chris Brown might actually have more problems than the President.


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