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In typical Eminem fashion, he’s offended someone with his raps yet again.

While visiting Sway in the Morning on Shade 45 on Thursday morning he decided to drop a freestyle. Em is known for his ability to make straight up rude and often non-PC remarks in his raps. Though this was a huge boost in how he originally rose to fame, certain things just don’t fly anymore.

But does Eminem care? Of course not. He goes on for 8 minutes with countless insults and off-color jokes.

Check out the entire freestyle and all of his pop culture references below.


1- “I’m coming through like a wrecking ball

You would swear I think highly of Miley

And I respect her, the way I backhand her

Excuse my French, Montana, but I am worried about nutting”


2- “And I just sweared like twice as many times

In less than ninety seconds

Than Andrew f*cking Dice ever did in his fucking life”


3- “Better watch your step, you ’bout to cross an outlandish mine

I’m what you get if Aaron Hernandez rhymed”


4- “So praise a Genius, hope this don’t get taken out of text

But Hillary, I promise to wipe my server clean if you face subpoenas

Got a name that speaks for itself like Anthony Weiner

Hands in between my pants in a theater, jacking my meat

A fan of Trina, Angelina, and Christina and Serena and Selena

Scarlett Johansson, Tiffani Amber Thiessen

Give me a damn good reason and not wanna slip an Ambien in the Cappuccino

And try to have a 3-sum with Janet Reno

I’m fucked worse than Donald Trump”


5- “Adidas and Diadoras but I need at least three to four of those Rita Oras”


6- “I invented prick, and that’s a true statement, I see bitch in you Caitlyn

Keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner’s dick

No disrespect though, not at all, no pun intended, that took a lot of balls

Oh and Azealia Banks just wanna tell you thanks

Now I got trailer skanks handing me ballpark franks in the mail as pranks”


7- “No wonder you scoff at me, it’s obvious I’m as off-putting as Bill Cosby is

Treat women like property, possessive like a noun with an apostrophe”



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