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Hot 97 is done. It’s hard watching the giant go out like this. The once venerable station that anchored New York radio is now the biggest laughing stock in hip hop. Let’s be honest, HOT 97 is looking like last year’s New York Knicks this morning, after the much-hyped release of Meek Mill‘s diss record taking shots at Drake never aired on Funkmaster Flex’s show last night. They’re a joke. Hampered by miscalculated decisions and lingering qualms pertaining to their future, they have become bottom feeders on the proverbial totem pole. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.

Last night (July 27), Meek and Flex were supposed to drop a bomb, literally. Instead, they watched Drake get charged up and serve them a healthy dose of reality. Flex dropped the ball. Ebro dropped the ball. Hot 97 dropped the ball.

We watched this debacle of a radio station let Angie Martinez – the voice of New York – chuck deuces a la Chris Brown in favor of Power 105. We watched the ouster of Cipha Sounds’ in favor of a less charismatic Nessa— who later was clowned by Kanye West for reporting a false story about him. We watched a once-courageous Peter Rosenberg call out Nicki Minaj at Summer Jam to only shrivel in size and ego after she pounced on him during their follow up interview, in which he apologized to the “Super Bass” rapper. We have watched a confused Mr. Cee fall victim to media scrutiny because he got entangled in his web of lies. We watched Flex lose again and again in various spats against some of hip-hop’s top dogs.  We’ve seen enough. It’s time to pull the plug.

Don’t get me wrong, Ebro has done a stellar job in revamping the morning series with Ebro in the Morning, but even he can’t save this fiasco of a radio station. And Flex, you were that guy. You were holding it down for the night shift until you started engaging in beefs with DJ Clue, Jay Z, and Drake. You’re not preserving the culture by going after the big dogs. Last night was supposed to be your moment, like when Angie played Jay’s “Super Ugly” and had the game on tilt. This was your time, brother, and you wasted it. You had no business in intervening in big boy business, even if you wanted to preserve the integrity of the culture. Your ego and ineptness caused the station a championship.

Because of this blunder, Power 105 and Drake are moonwalking to the finish line. Last night proved to be their victory lap. This was supposed to be their game-changer. This was supposed to be their Tom Brady fourth-quarter comeback performance. Instead, they were the Seahawks and made a costly mistake that will forever be embedded in the minds of hip-hop fans. You should have ran the ball, Flex. You should have ran the ball.


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