Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow

Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

Gwyneth Paltrow came through in the clutch with some overpriced purses that nobody actually needs because she’s totally down for appropriating hip-hop culture, you guys!

Paltrow collaborated with Edie Parker on two clutch designs: One reads HOV on one side and SHADY on the other, while a different version follows suit, reading BIGGIE and PAC on either side. A clutch will cost you $1,695 a pop.

Gwyneth, nooooo. Why did you do this?

Of course we’ve heard before that Gwyn and Jay and Bey are, like, totally chill, but we have to wonder if the real Slim Shady would be down with his own moniker emblazoned on a really expensive clutch?

Have two grand to spare and something to prove? Click here to buy on Gwynnie’s Goop website.

SOURCE: The FADER, Four Pins | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images | VIDEO CREDIT: Instagram


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