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Well, well, well, where’s Will Smith when you need him? Somebody, and I mean somebody, is going to have step up for Philly after Drake castrated Meek Mill with his new record “Back to Back.” To have the unmitigated gall to question Drake’s songwriting prowess was blasphemous. To have testicular fortitude to question the boy’s merit landed you here, brother Meek. You see, Drake has a penchant for chewing artists up and spitting them out with relative ease. This isn’t the first time Aubrey laid the verbal smackdown on a rivaling artist. That’s why we complied Drizzy’s best diss records for everyone to sit back and enjoy.

7. “Exposed”

On “Exposed,” Drake decided to take the gloves off and dismantle his former partner-in-crime, Voyce. Before Drizzy was a crooning sensation, Voyce was relegated to singing the hooks on his records. I can’t even front, Drake and Voyce were a pretty formidable tandem during his Room For Improvement days. Tracks like “Special,” “Smile,” and “All This Love,” were some of their better collaborations. But, of course, Voyce bit the hand that fed him and attacked Drake. Let’s just say Drake sautéed that boy over Ghostface’s “Back Like That.”

Quotables: “I hear you issuing threats, you need to kill the jive talk / Furthest thing from street bruh, that’s why I call you sidewalk / We here waiting, if you stupid then try it / How you gon’ knock me looking like Snoop on a diet.”

6. “Goodnight and Goodluck”

Ever since Drake ascended to superstar level, he’s never really responded to many rappers. Back in the day, Drake relished obliterating his local competition for sheer fun. On “Goodnight and Goodluck,” he took aim at fellow Canadian artist, Aristo, after the rapper taunted Drizzy for allegedly coming at him on a previous record. Drizzy caught wind of this and decided to let a couple rounds off on Aristo. Let’s just say, Drizzy saved his best for another record, even though he did the damn thing on this track.

Quotables: “I never bust a gun, I’m Mr. C-T-V / At least, I’m not Mr. D-ck Riding C-T-E / Rappers believe me, I’m cuttin’ records with Jody Breezy / And that n-gga would even admit that you flowin’ Jeezy / Slow your roll this ain’t a diss song / This song, will let you know that I’m not the one to pick on.”

5. “Charged Up” 

You gotta wonder what sparked Meek Mill to attack Drake on Twitter that one balmy summer night? Jealousy? Maybe, but whatever it was, it definitely caught Drake’s attention. Rather than trade shots on Twitter with the Philly rapper, Drake decided to take this contentious battle over to the booth like a real emcee. Even though this was merely a warning shot, Drizzy definitely earned brownie points for keeping things strictly in the booth strictly. In addition, he caught Meek with a good few lines, as well. Once again, in typical Drake fashion, he slyly dissed Meek without even mentioning his name once. Talk about keeping it classy. It’s just unfortunate that poor old Flex had to take that L too.

Quotables: “No woman ever had me star struck / Or was able to tell me to get my bars up.” “Done doing favors for people / Cause it ain’t like I need the money I make off a feature / I see you n-ggas having trouble going gold / Turning into some so and so’s that no one knows, but so it go / Come live all your dreams out at OVO.”

4. “6 PM in New York” 

Tyga is a solid rapper. He really is. The biggest mistake he made was when he pressed Nicki Minaj and Drake during his interview with Vibe. Rather than simply focus on his musical endeavors, he elected to trade barbs with Drake, and unfortunately, he took a major L. Drake meticulously saved his most lyrical track “6 PM in New York” for the final slot on his most recent effort If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late.  Drake glided effortlessly over Boi1da’s beat and bodied Tyga in just a few bars. His stab at Tyga’s girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, 17, was beyond cold.

Quotables:  “I heard the little little homie talking reckless in Vibe / That’s quite a platform you chose, you should’ve kept it inside / Oh you tried, It’s so childish calling my name on the world stage / You need to act your age and not your girl’s age.”

3. “Back to Back”

Let’s be honest: Nobody expected Drake to drop another diss record this quick. All it took was four days for the boy to drop another heater. After getting “Charged Up,” Drizzy planted a bomb inside of Meek’s crib and blew that thing up with callous disregard. Can you blame Drake? If someone is calling you on a social media forum and is maliciously trying to destroy you in front of millions, what are you left to do. From what we’ve seen and heard from Drake, we doubt this is the last we ever hear from him regarding Meek, but we’re sure that this will be enough to spawn a diss record from the Philly rapper. Time to charge up, Meek!

Quotables: “This for y’all to think that I don’t write enough / They just mad cause I got the Midas touch / You love her, then you gotta give the world to her / Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour.”

2. “Good Riddance”

This was the flow that killed Aristo’s career – even though nobody ever heard of this guy. After Drake obliterated his foe, his homies elected to get on the record with him to put Aristo’s minuscule career in a body-bag. With Drake allowing his boys to flow freely on the track, he entered at almost the 4-minute mark and pummeled what was left of Aristo. This was arguably the last time Drake ever dissed a rapper directly, but who could blame him? With great power, comes great responsibility, right? Plus, when Apple is paying you $20 million, do you have to respond to anyone nowadays?

Quotables: “Some of them believe you got money you little liar you / But I don’t admire you, short n-ggas tell tall tales / Good riddance Aristo, I just retired you!”

1. “Stay Scheming'”

With an opus of a mixtape in So Far Gone, and two platinum-selling albums under his belt, Drake was, and still is, a highly touted artist in the realm of music. His Midas-touch earned him the title of the hottest rapper on numerous occasions by the general public. While innumerable acts appreciate Drake’s sheer ability to sing and rap, one veteran wasn’t too fond of the Canadian emcee. Common deftly baited Drake with his 2011 record, “Sweet,” in which he questioned the toughness of the “Find Your Love” rapper. Though he didn’t mention Drake’s name on the record, he later admitted in an interview that he was targeting the OVO artist. In response, Drake penned one of his better verses in recent memory in “Stay Schemin.'” Rick Ross laid out the canvas for Drake to spill out his frustrations and he did so with gusto. He slyly threw shots at the “Blue Sky” rapper without even uttering his name once on the record. Let’s remember, this record was monumental because it was getting constant air-play and was a club favorite. Everywhere Common went, “Stay Schemin'” was playing. That really had to hurt a brother’s ego.

Quotables: “Don’t be ducking like you never wanted nothing / It’s feeling like rap changed, it was a time it was rugged / Back when if a n-gga reached it was for the weapon / Nowadays n-ggas reach just to sell they record.”

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