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After the unnecessary hype and let downs thanks to Funkmaster Flex, Meek Mill‘s long-awaited Drake diss is finally here. “Wanna Know” dropped after days of false alarms, memes and late nights on FM radio.

Jahlil Beats and Swizz Beatz are the only ones who actually get W’s here with the production credits. They deliver a raucous beat that samples The Undertaker’s entrance, The Education of Sonny Carson (the part that shows up on Ghostface Killah’s “260”) and a bit of the “Know Yourself” reference track.

Everybody else took an L. Meek Mill’s bars barely come within a fraction of the wit of Drake’s “Back To Back.” There’s a lazy callback to a line from “Levels.” He’s comparing Drake’s platinum albums to his platinum watches. Plus, there’s some predictable banter about industry hype and Drake’s softness. Save for the line, “Puffy almost caught a domestic when he smacked that bitch,” Meek Mill gave Drake little reason to sweat (as seen on his Instagram).

Twitter quickly took Meek to task:

Hot 97 took a loss, too. The station put up with days of Internet slander thanks to Funk Flex’s screw-up on Monday. And it did so for this disappointment.




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