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Meek Mill took an L with his lackluster “Wanna Know.” He dropped the response right after three more Drake reference tracks leaked. Thursday night brings “R.I.C.O.,” “Used To” and “Know Yourself” — one of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late‘s breakout tracks. “10 Bands” was the first reference track to leak, and it brought up even more question marks around Drake’s legitimacy.

Drake must have been on a creative drought, because all four of the reference tracks come from IYRTITL and later. Still, it’s important to note that Drake didn’t outright just hope on a track and called it a day; those reference tracks sound horrible on their own.

One could even say these reference tracks backfired on Funk Flex and Meek Mill. The difference between Quentin Miller‘s vocals and Drake’s is how the latter comes with charisma and musicality that resonates.

Yes, hip-hop is the genre that slanders ghostwriting the most. However, part of why Drake is so successful is how he deliberately manufactures parts of his image — the schmaltzy relationship quotables and “Started From The Bottom”-esque motivational anthems — for the millennial audience. He makes hits. This is different from if Meek Mill or Vince Staples were on the other end of ghostwriting claims, since their narratives are being sold as something real.

Bottom line: Meek Mill gotta start rapping like he’s still rocking cornrows.


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