When it comes to authentic reinvention, Jay Z wrote the blueprint. Although his roster of producers, resulting sound and pop culture references evolve with the time, his Marcy Projects roots and distinct flow are evident on every single album. Baseball jerseys made way for Tom Ford custom suits, yet the Yankee fitted never left. That’s hip-hop. We may tailor the packaging, at times we trap it out, but the DNA remains untouched.

In that same vein, we’re beyond a doubt proud to introduce the tailored sleek packaging of The Urban Daily. Every color, design and symbol represents our maturity, our swag and our place in hip-hop culture. Over the course of your stay with us, we’ll vibe together when Yeezy season approaches again, and shout with our crews right along with you when Steph Curry gets crazy with the shot. You’ll experience today’s state of the world, from the unnamed Black men and women who are killed, to how fresh President Barack Obama makes us feel when he takes the podium. You’ll have a place to share your frustrations and your hype with people like you.

We’re smarter, we’re faster and we’re more passionate than ever to represent our culture the right way. The Urban Daily is the place for Black and brown dudes, and for all those who are into the sounds and styles Black and brown dudes love. We’re here to represent, enrich and entertain every part of what makes you tick. In a climate that feels very much like Montgomery, Ala. in 1968 or L.A. in 1992, “who we are” is distorted in the news, on social media, and even on our streets. It’s become more important than ever for our generation to paint and define the correct picture of ourselves.

The Urban Daily is at the forefront, and you’ve found us at just the right time. Keep rocking with us.

Team TUD

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