Two Drake diss tracks later, Meek Mill finally delivered the comeback the hip-hop world has been waiting for. Unfortunately, instead of lyrically crushing Drake, the track was a major L.

One line stood out in the otherwise disappointing freestyle: “You let TIP homie piss on you in a movie theater, we ain’t forget.”

At first, listeners were confused and they may have even forgotten the line considering all of the memes surfacing following, until Lil Duval went on Twitter to back up Meek’s story:

“This ni**a Meek said it(some sh*t we never told nobody)”

He deleted the tweet soon afterward, but not before Black Twitter saw it.

If that wasn’t enough of a confirmation, media mogul and founder of one of hip-hop’s biggest booking agencies, Julia Beverly, tweeted out what sounds like the real story:

According to reports, Drake was sitting with T.I. and his squad at the Takers premiere in 2010. Cap, one of T.I.’s homies for life, was just released on parole from a life sentence.

Obviously in an extremely celebratory mood, Cap got way too turnt and couldn’t make it to the bathroom, so he whipped it out right there in the theater. Drake was just an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire.

Instead of blowing up during the movie, Drake confronted T.I. one-on-one later that night and said, “What’s up with your man using me as a toilet? F**k is that s**t about?”

We imagine T.I.’s response went something like this:

Despite this embarrassing story, Meek still isn’t coming out ahead according to social media. One average track can’t beat all the shots Drake has fired.

SOURCE: Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram, Twitter

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