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This has to be a very sad day for Rahmeek. After being torched by social media for his insipid response to Drake, everyone has been spewing venom towards the Philly rapper’s direction. To make matters worse, former WWE Champion, Bret Hart, decided to throw his name in the ring as another delighted fan who relished the apparent demise of the Philly lyricist.

The Canadian wrestler decided to skip his away over to his Instagram and demolish what was left of Meek Mill by praising Drake on his ‘W.’

“My Son @blade11 showed me the feuding between @meekmill and @champagnepapi. I’m glad to see a fellow Canadian walk away with the championship gold around his waist #drake #Canadian #ovo #thebestthereiswasandeverwillbe,” he wrote as his caption.

Of course, Bret paid homage to Drake by posting a picture of Drizzy’s OVO logo as his main picture, signifying his alliance to his fellow Canadian brethren.

This doesn’t bode well for the Philly rapper. If Bret Hart can chime in and calmly ether you with little to no regard, you might have to consider changing careers. Luckily, for Meek, he just landed a number one album and is currently touring on “The PinkPrint” tour. So, we can’t wholeheartedly chalk this as an absolute ‘L’ for the “I’ma Boss” rapper, can we?

Maybe Vince McMahon can set up a one-on-one match at the next pay-per-view with Meek and Drake. I’m thinking a Hell in a Cell match with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee. If you’re down with that, give me a hell yeah!

Check out Bret Hart’s IG post below.


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