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Fetty Wap had a monstrous 2014 with the banger “Trap Queen,” and the Drake-cosigned “My Way “has pushed him to even higher heights in the first half of 2015.

Fetty Wap is ready to add to that as he’s getting some mainstream shine in the latest issue of Maxim magazine. Known for trading in his Trues for some Robin’s, Fetty gets suited up for his photo op.

In the article, he admits to not being ready to rock a suit. He recalls being 17 and his mother telling him of a high-paying job. So he shaved off two years worth of dreads, put on a suit, and went to the interview only to find out that the position has already been filled.

Aside from Fetty getting some much needed shine, it’s also a great look for the culture. How a young rapper from Paterson, New Jersey can rise through the ranks in just a few short months to be on his way to some mainstream success. Fetty also achieved something amazing back in July as he was the first rapper to have three songs in the Billboard Top-20 since Eminem did it back in 2010.

With street hits like “I Wonder” and “I’m Straight,” it’s only a matter of time before his debut album drops.



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