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The internet had a field day once rumors arose that Kylie Jenner received Blac Chyna‘s hand-me-downs as a gift from Tyga for her 18th birthday.

Yesterday, Kylie was spotted driving a new car to a birthday dinner with her family — but it wasn’t just any car. The YBF reports:

Based on the matching license plates spotted by TMZ, that red G-Wagon is actually Tyga’s ex-fiance and baby’s mother Blac Chyna’s old G Wagon that he bought her (and left his name on) and made her return to him once they broke up.  Yep.  That G Wagon Chyna once painted white then pink is now in Kylie’s possession…in the color of blood red.

Many believed that her boyfriend Tyga had been less than chivalrous, but it turns out that she was only borrowing his car to drive to her dinner. According to TMZ it was not his gift to Ky:

A source close to the Kardashians tells TMZ, Kylie just happened to be driving the G-Wagon to her birthday dinner Friday night, but it’s Tyga’s SUV and not a birthday present.  The source acknowledges it’s the same G-Wagon Blac Chyna was driving.

When the rumor started circulating, Tyga uploaded this photo to IG:

One for him and one for Kylie.



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