Puff Daddy isn’t a poignant lyricist. He won’t wow you with mind-blowing punchlines, but he’ll definitely show you how to make a banger. Despite openly admitting to having ghostwriters, Diddy has never been reprimanded by the Rap Gods because of his candor about his skills or lack their of. Earlier today (Aug. 17), he sat down with The Breakfast Club and spoke on the use of ghostwriters and how Drake was supposed to originally pen “0-100,” before electing to keep it for himself.

“I want the best record, if someone can go out there and write a better record than me, I’m the one that has to go out there and pull it off,” Puffy said.

Even though the beef is over now, Diddy still managed to chime in on Drake and Meek’s skirmish. “This is not beef and that’s the beauty about it, this is about skills. It’s helpful to the game because it makes people think more about what they’re writing,” he said.

In addition, Puff addressed the time he was embroiled in a beef with Drizzy and how he doesn’t have any problems with the “6 God rapper.”

“I did not put hands on Drake. And I don’t want any problems with Drake. Drake is, right now, that’s all I have to say. He’s putting in his work. Drake is my friend,” he concluded.

Check out the interview above.


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