A photo of two Texas officers — one Black and one White — holding their hands up with the words “His Life Matters” scrawled across their palms is the latest viral moment countering the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Officers from the Trinity Police Department posted a photo of Chief Steven Jones and Officer Donald Givens on their Facebook page back in May. Both officers had the words “his life matters” written on their palms, with arrows pointing to one another. As more cases of Black people being killed by police are reported, including the stories of Samuel DuBose and Christian Taylor, the photo began to spread around social media.

The officers, who are also the stars of the reality show Big Texas Heat on CMT, spoke out following criticism. Officer Givens, the only minority at the department, said he’s never felt discriminated against. According to Fox News:

Officer Givens told reporters, “We did not want the word ‘Black Lives Matter’ to be standoffish because I look at it, I don’t want it to be a hate group because some people see it just like the KKK and skinheads and such, so we took it among ourselves to say that all lives matter.” He added that “violence is not a solution to the problem.”

Chief Jones said Americans shouldn’t profile every officer for the actions of others.

“We can’t stand behind officers that do bad things,” Chief Jones said. “However, the community and the nation can’t condemn every single officer just on the actions of a few.”

The Trinity Police have inspired other departments to follow suit. The Memphis Police Department posted a photo of their own featuring an African-American female officer and two pedestrians on their Facebook page. The photo was also inspired by the death of Officer Sean Bolton, who was killed while conducting a traffic stop earlier this month.



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