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In the first season of Starz’s summer hit basketball comedy, Survivor’s Remorse, we got more family antics and less Cam Calloway (played by Jessie Usher), the Atlanta player who’s trying to find his footing in the professional basketball world. But in the season two premiere, we see that Cam is trying to branch out and voice his opinions in a way that he didn’t get a chance to before. In episode one, “Grown Ass Man,” Cam throws one too many tantrums to get that point across. Here are three moments Cam proved he’s everything but a grown ass man in the Survivor’s Remorse season two premiere.

WARNING: This recap contains spoilers. 

1. “I’m a player, not a box owner. Get me out of it”

Cam is all about the game – the physical game of basketball– but anything outside of that, he doesn’t want to do. And we all know that’s not how it works when you’re at work. You’ve got to do things that might not be in your job description, because life. Especially when you are the star player of your team, there are plenty of obligations that you have to make outside of the court. In episode one, the team’s owner requires that Cam attend a bowling event full of luxury box owners, but Cam thinks that practicing is more important.

He does end up at the bowl-a-thon, but damn near has a panic attack while he’s there. Cam got stuck listening to rich people problems (like telling someone’s child to stop using heroin), and he began to feel used (he did get felt up by an excited business owner) like a “donkey in a petting zoo.”

2. “Flaherty wants me to do something stupid like skip practice, just so he can fine me.”

Sometimes, deciding to not fight a battle is way better than fighting a losing battle at all. In Cam’s case, after he complained about having to sign basketballs for charity beyond the one hour he was obligated to, he voiced his opinions to his cousin-manager, Reggie (played by RonReaco Lee). His primo parking spot was mysteriously turned into a handicapped one overnight, so he bitched out the nearest security guard (who pretty much put Cam in his place).

Cam went to Reggie’s house to take his complaint even further in person, saying that Flaherty doesn’t see the importance of working out and practicing if he’s making him handle pointless obligations. Cam really think that the owner wants him to skip his practices so he can get more money by fining him. What? When did Flaherty even say this? It was a real “this-is-what-goes-on-in-my-head” moment for Cam. But it’s no use complaining to Reggie. We all know he’s about the biz, so he’s going to be in favor of anything that needs to be done to maintain their newfound lavish lifestyle. But here goes Cam with his monologue-stealing scene explaining why he doesn’t need to do these random things because they’re of no importance.

“I don’t want to f-cking sleep on it! I’d rather just sleep. Get some good night’s rest like I’ve been trying to do, to get up to work out to work hard, to do sh-t that motherf-kers like me don’t do – f-cking yoga, pilates, so I can lift weights, watch film, and work on my free throws. Sh-t that’s gonna make me better for the season. Flaherty thinks that every hour is his hour. It’s not. I gotta fill my hours with real work, hard work. It’s the only thing that’s keeping me from f-cking this entire thing up and going back to being a nobody!

3. “How is Flaherty gonna know how to respect me if I don’t show him how it’s done?”

You know how when you were younger, and your mom would tell you that you better do that one thing she said and you didn’t because you let it run through your teenaged mind that y’all were on the same level? Yeah. So that’s how Cam feels with Flaherty. His entire family is to attend Nelson Mandela night because why shouldn’t one of the word’s greatest revolutionaries be celebrated? Cam had it, and chose not to attend despite Reggie’s urging. (Reggie had a talk with Flaherty, who pretty much said, if Cam doesn’t do what he asks of him, he’ll find a player who will). Way to stick it to the man, Cam.

Flaherty makes a house visit to Cam to somehow convince him to come show support for the event. Cam, of course, is practicing, right? Doing yoga? Pilates? Watching old games, because that is how he wanted to use his hours, after all? No, he’s chillin’ in his home theatre playing a rousing game of FIFA 15. (Not even NBA 2K15, Cam?) Flaherty, fed up of Cam’s sense of entitlement and ego, schools the player on what these commitments are all about.

“I know what you aspire to! I believe in your talent. I’m paying you like I do. But if you’re going to treat me like I’m just some asshole owner out to inconvenience you, I’ll find you another team…

If we’re going to make this a worthy experience, titles or not, you gotta do two things: one, drastically limit the things that annoy you, and, two, stop saying things like ‘grown ass man.’ All it does is tell people you’re not.”

Ouch! But was he lying? Cam, in the end, does the right thing. (Lessons are learned on television, people!) He heads to Mandela night to make everyone happy and fulfill his duties. Cam’s got the rest of the season to prove that he has whatever it takes to become the man he always wanted to be. We’ll just have to wait and see how it turn out.


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