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The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Press Reception

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The lengthy season 4 stretch of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is finally coming to a close and although this finale was definitely not without shock value, it just may have been the most calm, cool and collected ending to a season in Love & Hip Hop history.

Margeaux gives Nikko some shocking information about her new relationship, Karlie Redd attends Rasheeda’s store opening, Stevie makes a difficult decision that might end his marriage for good, and Momma Dee’s wedding day is full of drama.

Let’s get started.

Mimi is livid that Jessica Dime brought out Margeaux as a surprise guest during her performance arranged my MF Management. Mimi and Stevie J confront Jessica and Margeaux outside immediately following their performance.

After Stevie and Jessica briefly argue, Margeaux jumps in to claim that she was the one who asked Jessica to perform her song for the showcase. Mimi reminds them both that she was the one who put the showcase togther and did not invite or approve of Margeaux showing up to join Jessica on stage unannounced. The conversation gets heated when Stevie jumps back in to defend Mimi and Jessica lets Stevie know that she’s not afraid to fight men before she and Margeaux head back inside while hurling insults. Mimi now realizes that she should have listened to Stevie’s advice not to work with Jessica.

Stevie later visits Mimi at home to ask that she consider moving to L.A. with him and bring their daughter Eva. When Mimi questions how his proposition would work out given the consistently tense relationship between she and Joseline, Stevie brings her up to speed on the current strain in their marriage over him working with other artists. Stevie tells Mimi that he appreciates the ease of their co-parenting, personal and business relationships and wants to keep each of those consistent for the sake of their daughter. Mimi agrees that moving MF Management to L.A. and having Eva close to Stevie would both be great, but cautions Stevie that she’ll only consider moving if there’s no drama from Joseline.

Tony visits Kalenna as she’s working on new music. Kalenna is both shocked and overjoyed when Tony tells her that he misses working with her in the studio and wants to be her manager again. Kalenna vows to figure out a way to make it work with her husband as her manager and Tony promises to never leave Kalenna’s side again.

Margeaux pops up on Nikko at the gym to give him more details about the new person she’s been dating. Nikko is shocked when Margeaux reveals that her new love interest is a woman. Margeaux becomes defensive when Nikko questions whether or not her new girlfriend and change in sexual preference is the real reason that they’re getting a divorce. She then reveals that she kept it from him because she’s still coming to terms with her bisexuality and has also been disowned by some of her immediate family because of her choice to date a woman. Although he admits that finding out his wife is choosing to be with a woman instead of him is difficult, Nikko says he feels it’s only right to support Margeaux’s decision given all that they’ve put each other through in their relationship.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Mimi Faust Birthday Celebration

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Rasheeda and Kirk are all smiles at the grand opening of her new store. Erica, Mimi, Ariane, Bambi, Kandi Burruss and Tracy Steele are among Rasheeda’s friends who show up to support the opening. Joc and KD also run into each other at the event and Joc begins to reminisce on all of the things he loves about KD, although she keeps their interaction at a minimum. Rasheeda notices as Karlie Redd walks in with a gift, much to the surprise of Mimi and Ariane. Rasheeda reveals that although she wasn’t sure about inviting Karlie initially, she decided to extend an invitation in the end and hopes that it wasn’t a mistake.

'Top Five' New York Premiere

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Karlie makes her way over to Erica and Rasheeda to reassure them that she has come in peace to genuinely support Rasheeda’s store opening. The ladies eventually patch things up for the time being and their conversation ends in laughter.

Momma Dee is stressed out while getting ready for her wedding ceremony because neither Scrappy nor her daughter Jasmine have shown up yet.  Bambi attempts to relax her but admits that she’s actually not sure if Scrappy is planning to attend the wedding, revealing that she left him at their house because he was making no attempts to get dressed. Momma Dee is somewhat relieved when Jasmine finally shows up but continues to worry about Scrappy.

Kevin Hart Visits Vanquish

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Joc and KD surprisingly attend Momma Dee’s wedding together and reveal that they’ve reunited for the time being. Erica also shows up and brings Emani to fulfill her flower girl duties. Joc agrees to fill in for Scrappy and walk Momma Dee down the aisle, but Scrappy shows up at the last minute to relieve him.

Momma Dee

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Scrappy says Momma Dee removing Erica from her bridal party at his request showed him just how much having him in her wedding meant to her.  Momma Dee and Ernest are finally married in an unnecessarily lavish ceremony.

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Press Reception

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Stevie reveals that he won’t be attending Joseline’s performance and leaves her a note to let her know how he feels. He vents during the confessional about spending the last 3 years building Joseline’s career and their relationship with little appreciation from her while footage of him packing his things is shown.  Meanwhile, Joseline excitedly prepares for her performance and insists that the show will go on whether Stevie shows up or not.  Karlie is there to support Joseline as she hits the stage, while Stevie loads his bags into the car and leaves for California.

Love & Hip Hop Takeover

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Joseline finds Stevie’s note along with flowers in her dressing room following her performance. When Karlie meets her in the dressing room and brings up Mimi mentioning that Stevie asked her to move to California with him during their conversation at Rasheeda’s store opening, Joseline becomes irritated. In addition to not liking the idea of Mimi moving to California, Joseline says she’s also fed up with Karlie always bring her drama and bad news, questioning whether or not Karlie is intentionally trying to hurt her with information that she doesn’t want to hear. Joseline briefly attacks Karlie while throwing her out of her dressing room, which sends Karlie into an insult-filled rage. As security holds Karlie back from re-entering Joseline’s dressing room, Karlie continues to address her, insisting that she is the only friend Joseline has left. Joseline ignores Karlie and instead pretends to intently read her letter from Stevie.

As the episode ends, each of the cast members culminate their story lines for the season.

Momma Dee and Ernest ride off into the sunset as their families wish them well.

Margeaux says she can’t expect others to be honest with her and not be honest with herself. She is briefly shown kissing her new girlfriend Merica.

Rasheeda reflects on her eventful year, revealing that she and Karlie are mending their friendship, while she is remaining hopeful that the same can happen with Kalenna once she overcomes her postpartum depression. Rasheeda and Kirk kiss as she expresses excitement about the opening of her store and they visit the construction site of their new home.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Mimi Faust Birthday Celebration

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Mimi heads to meet with publishers about her new autobiography from which Nikko will receive no profits. She says she’s still undecided about the move to California but is happy to be focusing on herself.

BET Hip Hop Awards 2013 - Afterparty

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Bambi officially moves her things into Scrappy’s home.

Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash Block Party

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Erica has a day at the beach with Emani and reveals that although she and Scrappy have yet to resolve their child support issues, she has no intentions on keeping him from seeing their daughter.

'Think Like A Man Too' Atlanta Premiere - After Party

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Karlie says she’s sad to have lost Joseline as a friend but is excited about the her new relationship with Lyfe Jennings and new developments in her career.  Kalenna performs at Tony’s club and says she’s managing her postpartum depression.  She expresses sadness about the possible end of her 10+ year friendship with Rasheeda.

Joseline Hernandez

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Joseline relaxes at home in the tub as she says she doesn’t care about Stevie’s letter. She also says that she feels the only person she can trust at this point is herself.  Meanwhile, Stevie boards the plane to California and reveals the contents of his letter to Joseline. In the letter, he told her that because he can’t tolerate betrayal from her, he has decided to leave for L.A. alone. He ends the letter by advising her to stay in Atlanta and work on her career before concluding that he’ll love her forever.


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