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What do you get when you throw Ed Sheeran and Waka Flocka Flame in The Weeknd’s kitchen? A crazy freestyle battle. According to The Weeknd, during his interview with GQ, he spoke on how Sheeran and Waka once engaged in a freestyle battle in his own kitchen. Let’s let Abel break it down.

Per GQ

Please tell me the story of a pivotal moment while writing or recording this album. The first one that comes to mind is great.

I wrote a song with Ed Sheeran that was kind of spontaneous. He was hosting the Much Music Awards in Toronto and I invited him, and pretty much the entire awards show, to my condo to party. It went on until about 5 in the morning but we didn’t write the song until that next day, so you can imagine how that night went. Ed also did a freestyle battle with Waka Flocka in my kitchen. That was pretty dope. Good times.

Please tell a story about a breakthrough or “aha!” moment in the studio while working with Max Martin.

There were plenty of moments. In a span of like a month, we did so many songs. It was a learning experience for me. When you work with someone who has been doing it for as long as Max Martin you can’t help but learn. Max’s studio used to be Marilyn Monroe’s old house and I came up with the concept for a song called “In the Night” in her bedroom. That was pretty amazing. Unfortunately I couldn’t help but imagine Joe DiMaggio’s sperm everywhere on the floor.

You are getting exponentially more famous by the day right now. How does that feel? Is it working for you? It’s cool. I feel like my music is more famous, not me. I don’t put myself out there that much and it’s all I ever really want, I want my music to speak for itself. I love GQ though, I’m glad we did something together.


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