This is borderline pitiful. Jay Electronica has become notoriously known for his scathing rants more than his artistry. Let’s be real, this is sad. Instead of finally releasing his album, Electronica has found another way to be in the headlines without even dropping a record.

On Tuesday night (Aug. 18.), Jay Electronica decided to throw a volley of shots at J.Cole and Drake during his show in London. “Jay Electronica is the God of Hip-Hop, he said.” “You might be the 6 God, but I am the God.” He then cut Skepta’s “Shutdown” short to send a message to Cole and your favorite rapper saying, “I’m sorry but J. Cole ain’t got bars like this. I’m sorry, whoever your favorite rapper is, they all know that I’m the God.”

What’s befuddling about this whole situation is that Jay Electronica is label-mates with J.Cole at Roc Nation. Who knows why Jay Elect is trying to come at Cole and Drake? But, let’s just say this, just drop your album, brother. We really don’t care about you trying to verbally spar with these two behemoths. Just drop the album, Jay. Just drop it.

Check out the video above.


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