Normally, when a video game morphs into an actual movie, the results aren’t always pretty. HITMAN: AGENT 47 debunks that theory by seamlessly injecting doses of action and suspense into a plot cradled by deception. Agent 47 (Rupert Friend) is a ravenous killing machine with absolute zero regard to human life. With no name, no family, and no heart, Agent 47 is on a mission to take out a mega corporation with high aspirations of building an entire army of agents.  47, teams up with a young and timid woman (Hannah Ware) to prevent this from happening and to put a stop to this sinister act. With Friend owning his role as a relentless killer, and Ware showcasing her physical side, their bond is something to marvel at throughout the film.

You definitely shouldn’t sleep on this movie.

Overall Rating – 4/5



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