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The passing of rap veteran, Sean Price, is still lingering on the minds of many hip hop aficionados. With an outpour of support coming from everybody in the community to help aid Price’s family, two of the genre’s biggest names, Jay Z and Eminem, paid their respects by donating some funds to SP’s loved ones.

Duckdown founder, Dru Ha, scripted a beautifully written eulogy for his lost friend and was the one to reveal that Jay Z made “a very generous donation to Sean’s fund.” In case you didn’t know, Memphis Bleek and Sean Price are cousins, as Price revealed this tidbit of news back in 2011.

While no one exactly knows how much Hov donated, we do know that Eminem gave Price’s family $10,000 last week, according to a report on HipHopDX. In an interview with AllHipHop, Eminem’s manager, Paul Rosenberg, responded to Sean’s death by saying the following: “I swear I just told Marshall (Eminem) on Thursday that Sean was my current favorite. I hung on every word in his verses.”

So far, the fund has raised $87,753. As for Sean’s music, his posthumous album Songs In the Key of Price officially dropped today and is available on iTunes for only $7.99.


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