The gloves were off on part 1 of the Love And Hip Hop Atlanta season 4 reunion tonight and more than a few of the cast members almost went to blows.  Here’s a recap of what went down using the best qutoables from the night.

Take a look and see who you think delivered the hardest-hitting verbal TKO!

 Topic: Joseline vs. Everybody On The Last Reunion Show – Is She Sorry?

Joseline: I made some mistakes. I should not have been fighting on stage. I feel like I should control my anger a little bit more.

People gotta realize that people keep picking at Joseline…what did I do to y’all b*tches so bad to make y’all keep my name in your beefsucker?

Topic: Mimi And Joseline Try To Squash Their Beef

Joseline: I went and sat and had a conversation with her and she act like I’m supposed to apologize. Apologize for what, b*tch? For taking your n*gga? I don’t think so.

Mimi: I don’t have an issue with Joseline. The only issue I have with Joseline is that she’s not a nice f*cking person.

Joseline: Oh, boo-boo cry. You know what’s an issue? The way you look right now. That’s an issue.

Topic: Stevie Working With Jessica Dime And Tiffany Fox

Joseline: You got a plaque with Mariah Carey in our dining room, but yet you working with these local nothing-ass b*tches.

Topic: Messy Karlie Redd

Karlie: I call it being a true friend, they call it being messy.

Joseline: I can be friends with Karlie; she just needs to learn how to not straddle the fence.

Ariane: That’s just you, Karlie. You ARE really messy.

Karlie: Why does my loyalty…..I have to be more friends with Mimi than I am with Rasheeda?

Topic: Joc’s Multiple Kids And Multiple Babymamas

Joc: I can be honest about this, none of my kids were mistakes. Every time I…..went up and through there….I knew what I was doing.

Topic: How Scrappy Managed To Only Have One Child With All The Eggs He Keeps In His Basket

Scrappy: God won’t give you more than you can bear.

Erica: No, they have abortions.

Bambi: Shut up b*tch. Shut the f*ck up with your lil nappy ass bob b*tch. Where yo man at? You aint got one so shut the f*ck up.

Erica: This is my real hair. Take that sh*t out, let’s see what you look like.

Bambi: Shut up, Wesley Snipes (Scrappy echoes: “Wesley Snipes”)

Erica: That’s what ya fat ass got to say, really?

Scrappy: I’m the same n*gga that put you on!

Erica: No, I put you on nigga, you got to the studio with MY car!

Topic: Why The World Had To Witness Joc Suck Sina’s Toes On National Television

Joc: I really felt like she put something in my drink. There’s no way I shoulda been sucking yo toe on national TV off of one and a half drinks!

Topic: KD Providing All-Inclusive Services To Joc While He Was Still Dating Karlie

KD: I won’t agree to [doing] that. This girl {points to Karlie) needs a story line so bad, she will say anything.

Karlie: Sweetie, let me tell you something. There’s a REASON why you are sitting on that couch. You’re sitting on the m*thaf*ckin couch because of ME!

Topic: Why Does Kirk Have Such Grand Spending Habits?

Kirk: Because it’s my money.

Topic: Why Didn’t Ashley-Nicole Just Tell Rasheeda About Her Girlfriend Early On?

Ashley Nicole: Kirk been known from the very beginning but, he usually doesn’t tell Rasheeda everything, so….

Topic: Should Mimi Give Nikko 25 Percent Of The Proceeds From Her Book?

Joseline: She shouldn’t give him sh*t. He aint do nothing. She shoulda known he was full of sh*t cause he look like sh*t, look at him.

Topic: Nikko Telling Stevie That Eva Would Be Calling Him “Daddy.”

Joseline: You a undercover! ‘Cause a n*gga that’s 45 would have some kids.

Where yo kids at? Go make some kids and stop tryna make somebody else’s kid call you daddy. You don’t f— no p— cause if you f— some p—-, you would have some babies. How bout that?

Topic: The Truth About Jessica Dime And Joseline’s History

Joseline: [To Jessica] You know when I was stripping, my name was Shenellica…but you know that’s not my real name. And you also know, Jessica, that when we was in the strip club, I put you on to plenty of money and you put me on to money. But we was not [friends] like, “Oh, hey Joseline, what you doing today?”

You’ve known me longer than any of the b*thces on stage. Why are you doing all this extra sh*t? You got my number, all you got to do is text like “hey, I’m in town…”

Jessica: I called Joseline plenty of times.

Topic: Jessica Calling Joseline A Trick And Their Sexual Encounter

Jessica: I mean, she said I was a ho! I said what I said, she said what she said.

What I was saying was, I wouldn’t have done [the threesome] if her man wasn’t there watching.

Joseline: I’m not gone have no b*tch in my bedroom and I’m not gone look out. I’m a trick ass ho to all my b*tches. And, I told Dime, if she needed help, we got her.

Jessica Dime: So why you didn’t tell Karlie that?!

Josline: You know, I’ma tell you like this: you sexy and you look great and that’s it.

Jessica Dime: And you look beautiful.

Topic: Mimi’s Involvement With Stevie And Joseline’s Sex Life

Joseline: Me and Stevie have threesomes; this is not a f*****g secret. It’s what we do when we have sex.

Nina: Mimi, I wanted to know…is this a pattern for Stevie?

Mimi: Yes.

Nina: Did you two participate in that when you were younger?

Mimi: Not as much as they do cause I wasn’t into girls like that but, yes I did.

Joseline: I just gotta put you on front street cause you act like you so holy.

Nina: Joseline, what’s your biggest beef with Mimi?

Joseline: My biggest beef is that she’s a f*cking liar.

Mimi: At the time, I made a vow to do something, why would I go tell somebody?

Joseline: Tell the truth!


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