Barack Obama & Joe Biden

Source: Getty

Joe Biden‘s presidential campaign went from a hypothetical to a legit possibility over the last few months. Now, you can argue it’s likely, thanks to what Barack Obama had to say about it. The outgoing president gave his vice president his “blessing” to run for president next year, according to CNN.

A senior Democrat told CNN that Obama offered his support for Biden during a quiet lunch. Obama made it clear that he wasn’t going to oppose him if he does decide to run. Biden’s team hasn’t told its side of that meeting, but Biden 2016 has to be a serious thought if it’s being brought up over a quiet lunch.

Regardless, Biden has to make up his mind soon on whether he’s going to run or not. Many Democrats are already on board with Hilary Clinton‘s campaign, and it’s going to take some convincing from Biden to usurp her as the party’s leading candidate. The advantage Biden does have is that many of Obama’s former advisers would join Team Biden if he decides to run, according to CNN.

As for Biden, a confidant said he’s “more comfortable” with the idea of running, but there are “several logical and necessary steps” to make in the next few weeks for a final decision.


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