The rift between 50 Cent and his former business partner, Sha Money XL has been well documented over the past few years. While no one actually knew what sparked the beef, 50 Cent decided to explain how the demise of their relationship originated Monday afternoon on his Hang w/app (Aug.24).

According to 50, Sha Money became increasingly greedy when the money started coming in for him and the Unit.

“When the money came, when the check came, Sha [Money XL] started going like everybody else, just started reaching in my pockets,” 50 Cent says. “Trying to get the money, as much money as they could get. He charged the most he’s every charged for a track for ‘Blood Hound’ on Get Rich or Die Tryin’.”

“I offered him overhead, so he can have his own office space and build a staff for Money Management and all that s**t. He never was with that, so he never did anything,” Fif says. “Next thing you know, he called and he was looking for my blessings and he was taking a job over at Def Jam.”

Sha Money XL decided to finally chime in and tell his side of the story on Twitter.

“Don’t believe the hype. Why are we talking about me instead of good music? Where the hits at? I’ve been consistent since I left. Who wants to be partners with him? They all fall out eventually so let’s talk facts not lies. Fuck you pay me where all your partners @? 100% of nothing. You destroyed what was built and you will continue to do that. I feel sorry for you bro.This Haitian Nigga is not afraid of that clown. Now you pay everyone for them same jobs but getting wack results. You help a nigga who was helpless and he shits on u every chance he gets let me tell my side now. Walmart ass nigga u get what you pay for. A cheap person will do cheap things.”

Who do you guys believe? 50 or Sha?


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