Well, damn. This isn’t something you see everyday at a boxing press conference. “Sugar” Shane Mosley and Ricardo Myoraga are slated to go head-to-head for the second time this Saturday (Aug. 29). With the fight lacking any sort of zeal and appeal, Myoraga decided to rev things up.

During their press conference on Tuesday (Aug.25), Mosley’s girlfriend bent over in front of Myoraga, who proceeded to give her a little love tap on her rear end. Appalled by his audacious attempt, Mosley leaped over and tried to choke Myoraga before being wrestled away by security. To add some more fuel to the raging fire, his girl threw her shoes at Myoraga during their heated exchange.

TMZ spoke to the Mosley afterwards, who was in complete shock by the sudden events. “I can’t wait. I’m gonna kill him,” said Mosley. I’m really just gonna go out there and beat him down.”

Shaken by incident, Mosley’s girlfriend looked at him and wondered why he didn’t do more in effort to defend her.

“He smacked my ass and you should have f-cking killed him when he did it,” she said.

While the video does look hilarious, one can only wonder if this was indeed a publicity stunt. With both fighters coming out of retirement and the fight lacking any hype, it wouldn’t be a shock to any of us if this was staged. Who knows? At least this video managed to get a laugh out of us.


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