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Maybach O is on a roll. With “Post To Be” heating up Billboard, the Maybach Music crooner finally got around to shooting a video for his second single “I’m Up,” featuring fellow Cali native Kid Ink and Bad Boy rapper French Montana.

At first glance, the video seems like a typical party affair, where Omarion and his comrades (Kid Ink and French) rent out a California mansion, invite lots of beautiful women, and party the day away. But things get interesting when Omarion’s longtime girlfriend Apryl Jones shows up on set and ends up joining the festivities.

Let’s just say, the video ends with Apryl slapping a girl on the ass and disappearing in a room as Omarion follows closely behind. Freaky as hell, we know. But hey, this is coming from the man who gave Jhene Aiko the green light to sing “eat the booty like groceries.” 

Watch Omarion party it up above.


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