Talk about being mature. After the picture of Drake and Serena Williams making out in public surfaced, many wondered if Common would react. Did he punch a wall? Did he cry? Well, TMZ caught up with the “Blue Sky” rapper at an airport in Beverly Hills to get his thoughts on the new lovebirds.

“You know, I mean, Serena is a friend of mine. As long as she happy, I’m good,” he said.

He also acknowledged that he and Serena dated in the past. “It’s like you know, that’s my friend. That’s been done a long time ago. So now, we friends. She’s doing super good on the tennis and she’s incredible,” he concluded.

If you recall, Drake and Common quarreled over the heart of Serena back in 2012. In a contentious battle that left Drake victorious after a hard-hitting feature on “Stay Scheming,” Common admitted in 2014 that his battle with Drizzy was indeed over the world champ. Of course we know rappers can be mature unexpectedly, but then again, Common has always been a laid-back kind of cat.

It’s good to see that both men have moved on and that Common isn’t upset about Drizzy serving up Serena a dose of good loving.


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