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Last night (Aug. 30), Kanye West‘s MTV Video Music Awards moment instantly became the speech heard around the world. We all gasped when Kanye announced his bid for presidency for 2020 during his Vanguard Award speech at the VMAs. It wasn’t because we were mortified by his diatribe against award shows, but because he once again exuded that sheer unpredictability that we all have grown to love. If Donald Trump can have a horde of supporters to back him up and not admonish him for his racial slurs, we’re sure that Kanye can bring out the people to rock with him. While a 2020 bid seems unrealistic, just the thought of Kanye rocking some crisp Yeezy 350’s onstage while promising a better future for the kids seems quite appealing. If Kanye does follow through with his promise, he’s going to need a dope running mate to back him up. Here are eight options who could serve as his potential running mate in 2020.

1. Nicki Minaj

After Nicki crushed the spirit of Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, she proved that she has the intestinal fortitude to lash out at anyone at any given moment when spoken to the wrong way. She has a strong following and a team of Barbz ready to ride out to war, if needed. Nicki also loves giving back and making generous contributions to help further our youth, as well. She would be a dope running mate for ‘Ye.

2. Common

Common isn’t scared to get his hands dirty. He has sparred with a bevy of artists and politicians on various platforms and is a great ambassador to the city of Chicago. If you recall, he and Kanye were working diligently to restore jobs back to their hometowns in hopes of reducing the crime rates. In addition, Common has the support of the Obamas, especially after he performed at the White House back in 2011.

3. Jay Z

Jay isn’t as boisterous as Kanye, but that doesn’t matter. Jay Z has proven that he’s a business savant with a big heart for the community.  After Hurricane Katrina, Hov pledged over $1 million and he also supports a bunch of charities like the Red Cross and Play Pumps. Imagine if ‘Ye won, and they performed “N-ggas In Paris” for our fellow Americans. That would be nuts.

4. Jeezy

Way before writing a heartfelt letter about the current issues plaguing America, Jeezy entrenched himself as one of biggest leaders in the hip-hop community. Jeezy has never been one to bite his tongue. He sacked Donald Trump on his decision to run for President and has been vocal on the slew of police attacks on African Americans. Plus, how dope would it be for Jeezy to perform “My President is Black” at the White House?

5. Joe Biden

Joey B would make a great VP for Kanye. We’ve seen Biden show out on numerous occasions while backing up Barack. His political prowess combined with his trillness make him a great look for Kanye and America. Team Joey.

6. Jaden Smith

The eccentric young star showed love to Kanye during his epic speech at the VMAs. He represented all of us when he raised his arm in the sky during ‘Ye’s speech signifying his allegiance to the Chicago star. Now, Jaden had some weird moments in the past (his prom outfit, dressing up as Batman, and more), but the prodigal son definitely has a mind of his own and isn’t scared to speak his thoughts. Sounds familiar?

7. Marilyn Mosby

Mosby won the hearts of many when she dropped the hammer on six police officers regarding the case of Freddie Gray’s murder. Rather than let the police officers go easy, the Baltimore State Attorney charged the men involved with a variety of crimes including second degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Her fearless approach is something that Kanye would deeply appreciate.

8. Alexander Wang

This is a match made in heaven. With Kanye being enamored with fashion, teaming up with one of the best in the industry would be a no brainer. Wang would definitely make the cabinet look fresh and hopefully help provide some clothes to the less fortunate. This would be a big win for fashion.

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