The centuries of American slavery has violated entire cultures, silenced and dehumanized generations of African-Americans, and opened wounds that are still throbbing to this day. What better way is there to heal those rounds than a video game lampooning slavery? To be more specific, what about a Tetris-style game where an Atlantic Slave Trade boat is your box.

Yes, a game like this actually actually exists. Playing History: Slave Trade 2 is a game from an online gaming community called Steam. It comes complete with your Sambo caricatures and cultural stereotypes. The bizarre nature of this piece of attempted entertainment is multiplied by the accompanying description.


The most bizarre tidbit? The game existed in the 21st century. The game has since been removed from Steam, who released a statement claiming this was for educational purposes.

The game and trailer has been updated. Slave Tetris has been removed as it was perceived to be extremely insensitive by some people. This overshadowed the educational goal of the game. Apologies to people who was offended by us using game mechanics to underline the point of how inhumane slavery was. The goal was to enlighten and educate people — not to get sidetracked discussing a small 15 secs part of the game.

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