VH1 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Premiere Party

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It’s been a wild ride on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, so you know the final curtain call for the group couldn’t happen without even more drama and plenty of shocking moments.

The second half of the LHHATL Season 4 Reunion Show hit the ground running with a bombshell revelation from Joseline about Mimi, followed by a very heated argument between Erica and Scrappy, followed by the early exit of several cast members before the show even wrapped. Let’s get into the recap highlights.

Joseline Reveals Threesome With Stevie And Joseline

Speculation that Joseline, Stevie and Mimi had been much, much friendlier than they appear at one point in time has been circulating since season 1 of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, but that somehow didn’t make Joseline confirming the rumors any less jaw dropping. Not wasting anytime getting to the truth, Joseline immediately went into graphic detail about the sexual encounter between herself, Mimi and Stevie when asked to elaborate by reunion show host Nina Parker.

“I’mma tell you like this, me and my n*gga had her in our bed in my condo and we hit that together. I ate that p***y all night and it’s good.

So I don’t know why she’s acting like we’re such enemies.” – Joseline

Both Mimi and Stevie seemed to try to avoid backing up Joseline’s claims, but she wouldn’t allow them to leave her hanging which forced them to come clean too.

“She l****d my v****a. She does what she does very well.” – Mimi

Joseline then switches gears and opens up about her true feelings towards Mimi.

“I got respect for Mimi, but she doesn’t understand that. So she makes me act like I don’t have respect for her because of the way she acts towards me.

Mimi’s an awesome person. I know I talk a lot oI’ll be the bigger person, Mimi, you did what you did but you’re a great mother and I would never take that away from you. I’ve respected you from day one so, I apologize for everything that I’ve done from then until now.” – Joseline

Mimi responds by accepting her apology.

“I’m always open to an apology when it’s sincere. ” – Mimi

Audience Member Insults Jessica Dime

During Mimi and Jessica Dime’s conversation about what went wrong with her MF management endeavors, a woman from the audience attempted to hurl insults at Jessica Dime about her attire. Jessica quickly responded to the woman and warned her not to continue jumping out of line. The brief confrontation ended when the woman stood up and challenged Jessica to a fight before security came and escorted her out of the building.

Momma Dee Goes Into Detail About Ernest’s Involvement With Her Past As A Female Pimp

Momma Dee reveals that Ernest was the one who taught her everything she knows about her former career as a female pimp. She also reminds Scrappy that he owes her money for “services” he received from one of her hoes in the past.

Erica and Scrappy Have A Heated Argument Over Their Ongoing Child Support Dispute

Scrappy insists that he holds up his end of the deal that he and Erica agreed on when it comes to his financial responsibilities where their daughter Emani is concerned. He says he’s a full time father who takes care of their daughter when she’s with him and provides additional financial support for her at Erica’s request when asked.  Scrappy also maintained that he had no problem doing his part to keep Erica and Imani comfortable in the lifestyle that they have become accustomed to since her birth.  He continues to insist that Erica upped her requested monthly amount significantly without just cause, which he says is the root of their issue.

Erica says Scrappy verbally promised to increase his financial contribution and then didn’t hold up his end of the deal.  She says he had all of 2013 to give her $150 a month per one of their agreement and “couldn’t even do that. ” When asked if she thinks Bambi distracts Scrappy from paying his child support, Erica says she doesn’t care about Bambi because she is irrelevant.

Bambi fires back, telling Erica that she should care about her because she’s the one who balances Scrappy’s checkbook.

The argument continues to escalate without resolve and ends with an emotional Scrappy declaring that Erica is ungrateful, insisting that he put her in the position to be able to generate her own substantial income by being on the show yet she still continues to require more from him financially.

Kalenna And Deb Hug It Out

Kalenna insists that she’s doing better with her postpartum depression and says the year has been theraputic for her. When the topic changes to her failed attempt to retain Deb as a manager, Kalenna says if she were a man coming to Deb with the same line of questioning about what she can do for her career, she would have responded differently.  Deb believes that Kalenna’s postpartum depression condition made her overly emotional and difficult to interact with on a business level without her personal problems interfering and says it wasn’t her responsibility to accommodate for the problems in Kalenna and Tony’s relationship as a potential manager.  Kalenna insists that she never intended to be disrespectful to Deb and they hug it out.

Rasheeda Comes Face To Face With Her Issues With Kalenna And Karlie Redd

When Nina asked Rasheeda why she think she was less tolerant of her cast members this season compared to other seasons, Joseline jumps in before she can respond, bringing up Rasheeda’s past altercation with K. Michelle. Kirk intervenes, reminding everyone that K.Michelle and Rasheeda have since made up and adds that people should let the incident go.  Rasheeda says her annoyance with her friends this season was largely based on petty situations that got out of hand. She reiterates to Kalenna that she never talked bad about her to Tami.

“I never talked about your finances. We done sat on the phone and you done ran your life down to me and I never said a word. I’ve been a real true friend.” – Rasheeda

When Nina asks Karlie about her disagreement with Rasheeda, Karlie calls Rasheeda out for her lack of support as a friend. Rasheeda responds by insisting that she’s shown up to everything she’s been invited to thus far.  Kalenna later jumps in, revealing that Rasheeda didn’t even attend her baby shower, but Rasheeda again claims that she wasn’t invited.  Kalenna blames Rasheeda’s lack of invitation on the fact that she didn’t reach out to her at all during her pregnancy.

Margeaux And Nikko Walk Off Stage When Joseline’s Performance Is Announced

Margeaux launches into a angry tirade against Joseline and Stevie just as Nina announces their first-ever live performance on the reunion show

“Seriously, no one wants to hear you perform this garbage. You’re a trash bucket (points to Joseline), you’re a trash bucket (points to Stevie.)  Do you really think that this is good music with your trash bucket horse of a wife? I’m outta here, I’m not dealing with this. ” – Margeaux

Nikko later chimes in backstage as the cameras confront them about walking off of the set.

“Do you see the way they dress? Do you see what they have on? They look like clowns in a circus.”

VH1 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Premiere Party

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Mimi Thanks Joseline For Coming Into She And Stevie’s Lives

After Joseline and Stevie…….perform……Mimi runs onto the stage to make an announcement.

“Joseline, I just want to thank you because when you ask God for something, he gives it to you. Me and Stevie were going trough such a rough time and…he sent you. You came in between us and you helped our situation because I have my friend back. I want you to know that this is my friend. I don’t want Stevie.  I don’t lust after Stevie. He is my daither’s father and I respect your relationship.  You are his wife, you are his family and that means you are my family. And I want us to be friends. You know what I’m saying?” – Mimi

The reunion show ends with Mimi and Joseline in a tearful embrace while Stevie celebrates the end of their 4-season-long feud……for now.


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