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Summer’s winding down, but that’s no excuse not to book another getaway. Here are 10 destinations you can visit this fall, on any of Amtrak’s scenic routes, from New York City’s skyline to monuments in Washington, D.C.

Central Park

It’s pretty much every New Yorker’s playground. Most of the city is filled with some of the most famous buildings in the world surrounded by a concrete jungle. Central Park is a nature-filled haven in the middle of the city madness that houses famous landmarks like Strawberry Fields and of course, the Central park Zoo.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Not to be confused with the MoMA (where Jay Z shot his video for “Picasso Baby”), the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or “The Met” as it is commonly known, was founded in 1870. The Met houses over two million pieces of art which includes everything from American portraits to Egyptian artifacts.

Rockefeller Center

If you haven’t been to Rockefeller Center during then holiday season, then you haven’t lived. Aside from all the crazy sales you’ll find in countless surrounding stores, the infamous Christmas tree stands in front of the center. For those more interested in seeing the amazing skyline, you can easily take a trip to the Rock Observation Deck, which includes indoor and outdoor viewing stations.

Times Square

Another hot spot during the holiday season is Time Square. It’s most famous for being the spot where the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, and millions gather to watch amazing live performances of some of the best talents in the music industry. Times Square is a great place to people watch and admire the billboards showing all the city has to offer during any season, most of which are in walking distance.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

If beautiful architecture is your thing, then you’ll love St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Built in 1879, its doors weigh 20,000 pounds each and the historic pews sit 2,400 people. It’s one of the most visited Catholic churches in New York, with an average of 5 million people visiting each year, so you know it’s a hot spot for tourists and church-goers alike.

Niagara Falls

Away from all the hustle and bustle of New York City is Niagara Falls, One of the most famed sites in America. Rather than for one huge waterfall, its name actually refers to Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. Nearby are countless hotels and casinos to keep you occupied when nature isn’t enough. It also looks pretty cool in the winter time.

White House

Of course you’ve got to check out the White House while you’re in DC. Now that you are finally allowed to take pictures at the home of every U.S. president ever, it’s an even better tourist destination. While you may have to go through your member of Congress to go on a tour, it’s worth it to possibly get a glimpse of President Barack Obama‘s dogs, and every now and then First Lady Michelle Obama is spotted out on the grounds. Or, you could always go for the photo in front of the White House like everyone else, and stick your head through the gates to get a glimpse of the most famous house in the world.

National Mall

Washington D.C. is the home of anything and everything political in the United States, one of the most historic being the National Mall. The architectural feat has been the site of many monumental moments, including the Million Man March. Aside from history, it’s also a great place to chill for picnics along with the Screen on the Green movie festival which lasts the entire summer.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Nope, not every cool stop in D.C. has to do with politics. The National Museum of Natural History holds over 126 pieces, including plants, animals, fossils and more. As the most visited delineation of all the Smithsonian museums, nearly 200 scientists are on hand to to make the museum even better. It was founded way back in 1846. There’s even a section called “Hall of Human Origins,” which has an interactive family tree that details six million years of human evolution.

National Air and Space Museum

Another hot spot thanks to the Smithsonian Institution is the National Air and Space Museum. It holds the largest collection of historic aircrafts and spacecrafts in the world, so it’s easy to see why it’s the fifth most visited museum in the world and a must see for any plane enthusiast. The historic building was originally the city’s armory, and was used as a hospital during the Civil War to nurse wounded soldiers.


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