There’s no doubt that Kevin Durant is a beast. The former NBA MVP has proven that he has an array of moves in his arsenal and can light up for 50 any given night. Still, after a season marred by injuries and disappointment, it appears that KD’s confidence is unshaken by the turn of events.

During a Nike promotional trip to Spain last week, Durant spoke with gusto in regards to his rank among the upper level of players in the league. Let’s just say, KD firmly believes that nobody can cook opposing defenses like him.

“I’m still the best player in the world,” said Durant when asked about how his spot on Oklahoma City Thunder stacks up this season.

If you recall, LeBron James uttered those same words during the NBA Finals last year. Now, it appears KD has some extra bounce in his step and an unwavering confidence that is something to admire, especially after his team collapsed in route to a playoff berth. Last month, Durant called himself the best player on the planet and used his time onstage this time around reaffirm his statement.

KD has a lot to prove this year. The reigning MVP and Finals champ, Stephen Curry might have something to say about those comments. In addition, Anthony Davis is becoming an indomitable force on both ends of the floor. Be careful, KD― the Western Conference isn’t going to be a cake walk this season, brother.


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