This video is really hard to digest. It’s not that Slim Jesus is a bad rapper, because he’s not. It’s just eerily uncomfortable watching an 18-year-old squeeze guns and boast about catching a body. In his video, “Drill Time,” Slim channels his inner Chief Keef and spews ether in every direction. The boy can spit. At the same time, it just makes you cringe a bit.

Yes, I constantly laud the likes of Future, The Game, Meek Mill and more for their hood tales, but watching this kid flex about his trigger finger is quite disturbing. It’s not because he’s a white kid, but because he’s a kid. Even if the weapons are merely props— like he mentions earlier in the video— it’s just delivering the wrong message. Maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe I’m being a hypocrite for calling out the Ohio rapper and not 85% of other rappers. I’ll just leave the video here and let you guys piece the puzzle together.


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