New York Jets v New York Giants

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When the NY Jets acquired Brandon Marshall last offseason from the Chicago Bears, the team knew what they were getting: a talented receiver with a very loud mouth. The boisterous receiver has hands of a god, but the mouth of a sailor. So, it wasn’t surprising when he decided to chime in on Tom Brady’s return after the New England Patriots quarterback watched his four-game suspension be overturned. 

“There are a lot of players out there that believe that white players, specifically at the quarterback position, are treated differently,” Marshall said.

Marshall then raised the question of race when he suggested that Cam Newton would have been reprimanded was the culprit in the DeflateGate fiasco.

“Well, when you look back at the history of this sport, you can build a case on that, yes,” Marshall said.

Marshall also added that his opinions reflect players of multiple races and not just his own.

“I think that the important role that I play on this show is to give the viewers [an] inside look of the locker room,” Marshall said. “I am a player right now. This is not just from our locker room; this is from the locker rooms across the states. This is how guys are feeling. This is not just my opinion. These are conversations I’m having with guys.”

“It’s just not African-American players,” Marshall said. “I’ve had this conversation with Caucasian players as well. The most important part of this whole discussion is the process for the players. They just want the process to be fair and right. They just want to get it right.”


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