Jay-Z’s newest single off his BluePrint 3 album will reportedly be a track with Rihanna and Kanye called “Run This Town”.  It’s set to hit the airwaves this Friday.  The three are in London this week hand delivering Jay’s album to the execs there and Rih is recording some tracks with Pharrell.  And in case you were wondering, this is what Jay’s album promo schedule looks like so far:

* Sept 10 – “Run This Town” webcast from Rocawear 10 year anniversary party in NY
* Sept 11 – Blueprint 3 album release & NYC concert assoc. w/NYC Fireman’s charity.
* Sept 13 – MTV Awards performance
*Sept 12- Coldplay/Jay-Z concert in Manchester,
* Sept 14 – Jay Leno’s primetime NBC series premiere performance (first musical guest ever) – Seacrest, Letterman, and more appearances to come…
*Sept 16/18/19 Coldplay/Jay-z Concert London

Check out Jay-Z and the rest of the 40/40 club below:

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