Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants

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While Eli Manning might not be one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL, his contract extension is proof that he’ll definitely be paid like one.

According to, Eli and the Giants organization agreed on a four-year, $84M extension.With the included no trade clause and $65 million guaranteed, Eli is sitting pretty.

The only two quarterbacks with higher salaries are Russell Wilson, who makes $21.9 million per year, and the NFL’s highest paid QB, Aaron Rodgers, who makes $22 million per year.

AT 34, Manning was ranked 15th in the passer rating last year, but none of that truly matters to the front office. With Eli at the helm, the Giants will be stable and his ability to remain calm under the bright lights of the New York media is yet another solid reason the franchise QB deserves the contract.

Let’s just hope that Eli meets his arch nemesis Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, and we get a repeat of 2007… and 2011.

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